he law firm Delaby & Dorison advises individual clients for all legal and tax issues arising from the acquisition, management and transfer of their assets, both personal and professional, in a French as well as in an international context, in coordination with notaries, certified public accountants and private bankers.

We especially deal with our clients’ personal tax matters (individual income tax, wealth tax, inheritance and gift taxes), both for transactions and dispute resolution.

Practice highlights :

Legal and tax optimization of the acquisition, management and transfer of personal and professional assets, in a French or international context: :

  • estate audits;
  • determination and implementation of global and custom-made estate strategies.

Organization and transfer of family groups :

  • family governance and organization of relationships between family shareholders;
  • optimization of the holding and transfer of family groups;
  • family LBO.


Executives and Management teams :

  • audit of the situation of the executive;
  • structuring of the equity acquisition of management teams;
  • tax management of the international compensation structures;
  • anticipation and negotiation of the consequences of executives’ expatriation.

Management of the impact of divorces and inheritance on the estate :

  • management of the estate consequences of the divorce;
  • assistance during the apportionment operations of the inheritance.

Relationships with tax authorities :

The firm defends the interests of its clients at all times during the tax control and litigation, in every aspect of tax matters.

We also assist our clients with the regularization of their assets held abroad.

Follow up on the individuals’ family and assets matters :

  • individuals’ returns (income tax, wealth tax);
  • constitution and running of the assets minute book;
  • incorporation and tax and legal management of the assets companies and follow up on the accounting, social, legal and administrative aspects.