he law firm Delaby & Dorison accompanies groups in their acquisitions and transfers operations. We advise firms with regard to their day-to-day tax management and assist them for the maximization of their tax function and the follow up on their effective tax rate.

We also advise our clients with respect to their restructuring and reorganization operations.

Practice highlights :

M&A Private equity :

The firm advises industrial investors and private equity funds with regard to their acquisition and transfer deals :

  • acquisition and transfer due diligences;
  • tax acquisition structure.

Our advisory services particularly focus on the quantitative aspects :

  • estimate of the tax risks (amounts and extent of the risk of realization);
  • accounting and tax illustration by numbers of the acquisition structure (circulation of the cash flows).

The firm also advises companies and/or their shareholders in the context of restructuring operations, and provides tax advice on the restructuring of debts and on buy back operations in the course of collective insolvency proceedings.

Corporate tax management :

The firm assists companies in their day-to-day tax management :

  • definition of the tax strategy;
  • management of the effective tax rate;
  • tax regime of the recurring and exceptional business operations (acquisition, transfers, mergers, restructurings);
  • determination of the tax profit/losses;
  • setting up and follow up of the group’s tax unit;
  • management of debt and financial costs;
  • management of the losses and tax regime applicable to worldwide flows;
  • agreement requests (notably related to distributions of securities or transfers of losses).

Effective tax rate and deferred tax in consolidated accounts :

The firm advises the clients with respect to meeting their obligations to report tax in their consolidated accounts (IAS 12) :

  • calculation and reporting of the current and deferred tax burden;
  • consistency and schedule of the active and passive deferred tax stocks.

The firm also advises clients for determining, reporting and managing the consolidated effective tax rate.

Audit of the tax function :

The firm assists clients for establishing the balance sheet of the performance of the tax function :

  • control of tax risks;
  • stability of the effective tax rate;
  • respect of obligations as regards financial communication related to current and deferred tax;
  • appraisal of the organization (productiveness, level of externalization and local organization).